Bangkok to Koh Chang, Thailand

Off the usual route of backpackers, Koh Chang is an island off Thailand, close to the border of Cambodia. It is also known as the little Eden of the East or Thailand’s own Maldives! It isn’t as developed compared to most of the usual Thai Islands on the a West coast-(at the moment)-but give it a couple of years things may change.

As I said it isn’t the usual place for most people to visit, so traveling there by public transport isn’t completely straight forward. The only real options are either hiring your own car, by plane-then car or choosing a public bus from the bus station or airport. The later taking about 5hours from Bangkok (half a days travel), and probably the most convenient.

However, if you are bad at car journeys this maybe one to rule out!- as the road may follow a straight route down the coast, but the pot holes and bumps are endless! Knocking my head on the window one or two many times, for my liking.

There are two ferry points that you can catch onto Koh Chang- Ferry Koh Chang or centre point ferry. You can arrive by foot or car and takes about 45 minutes to travel across to the jungle of Koh Chang.

Once on the Island, there are many different beach areas to stay in. Being backpackers we headed to Lonely Beach, known for the budget accomodation, western food, tattoos and night life.

If ever travelling across the border to Cambodia from Thailand or want to get away from the traffic and crowds of Thailand’s cities , Koh Chang can make a perfect pit stop for a bit of tranquility and sun!20141001-164016-60016851.jpg20141001-164015-60015759.jpg20141001-164022-60022278.jpg
Those white dots are baby jelly fish!


Our view for the next couple of days on Lonely Beach, Koh Chang


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