Ecuadorian food

Only being in Ecuador for less than 2 weeks, I wasn’t able to try all the different foods in Ecuador has to offer. I was surprised about the diversity with it being the smallest of the South American countries I have visited so far. But from the moment I crossed the border from Colombia I got my first try of Ecuadorian snacks, as literally people jump on the buses at certain stops to sell drinks and food.

The first food I tried was a snack called Humita, similar to tamales I tried in Colombia, but these can be either sweet or savoury.Another snack to try which is a bit heavier is called Bolon de verde- a deepfried dumpling made from plantain and stuffed with either cheese or meat depending on your luck!
Similar to this is is Llapingauchos- which is crispy cheese stuffed potato cake, however this is often served with fried egg, avocado and beef.Another food that was offered on the buses include Pinchos (a kebab of meat, potato and vegetables) or bags of Choclo con queso (corn with cheese)

Main courses to try in Ecuador include anything from the almuerzos ejectivos- i.e. a field price lunch which includes fruit juice, starter of soup (often Caldo de pollo) and a main of meat and rice costing often no more than $3-4. For a bit more flavour it is always served with aji (a spicy sauce).Down on the coast I tried the classic Ecuadorian ceviche- which is different from in Peru, as the seafood is cooked first and served with the marinading broth as well as with tostda and plantation chips. Another must is Hornado a spit roasted pig. Unfortunately it isn’t served like the Brits in a bread roll, but atucally with salad, plantain of potato cakes….but still as good and found at most markets.In the Andean region, hearty meals are often on the menu like Loco de Papa- a potato soup served with cheese (queso fresco), avocado and tostda.

A food that I didn’t try but for next time is cuy (guinea pig)

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