Gosman’s clam bar, Montauk

With the thing to eat in Montauk being lobster rolls, I just had to find one – and hopefully a good one! At the edge of Montauk harbour a rather predominant restaurant called Gosman is found, surrounded by clothes and souvenir shops and seafood stalls. With it being in the harbour, the seafood supply is in abundance and fresh- so a good spot for me.

The menu had so many choices, so if indecisive you are going to have a problem. But a quick order and in no time I had a delicious lobster roll, packed to the brim with lobster! With benches around, there is plenty of space to enjoy the harbour view without sitting in the restaurant and playing a lot more!



2 thoughts on “Gosman’s clam bar, Montauk

  1. Holy smokes your post made me hungry. I’ve only had the opportunity to enjoy a lobster roll in San Francisco.. and I went back THRICE. If I ever visit Montauk, I am hunting down some lobster rolls. Thanks for sharing! (and for making me drool)..

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