Dairy-free banana and cashew ice cream

So many food bloggers have been writing about this ‘1 ingredient ice cream’ for a while (using just a banana which has been pureed to form a smooth mixture then freezing it). This may be one of the best and healthiest recipe for a frozen summer time treat I have read about in a while.

I decided to take this basic recipe one step further and add a nutty taste to the ice cream using cashew nuts. This is really because I have an excess of cashews in my cupboard and want to use them up! Alternatively you can add some chocolate chips or flaked almonds (after you have blended the bananas), ground cinnamon,  tbsp of Nutella or handful of fresh fruit such as blueberries.

By soaking the cashews for 24 hours softens them, allowing them to be easily blended with the banana in step 1 as well as help make a more creamy flavour. You can use cashew nut butter if you are short on time.


75g cashew nuts, soaked overnight then drained or cashew nut butter

400g bananas

125g honey

1/2 lemon, juiced


Blitz the bananas, cashews, honey and 100ml water until you have a smooth puree


Then add the lemon juice and blend for a bit longer to incorporate all the ingredients

Transfer the puree into a container and freeze. To ensure that the ice cream doesn’t become a granular texture every hour or so stir the mixture using a fork until it is fully frozen. Alternatively use an ice cream machine!

Once frozen it is ready to serve


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