Healthy Barbecue banana and almond ice cream

Too help cool down after the soaring summer temperatures in the Hamptons ( aswell as the UK), I made a batch on ice cream. Well kind of ice cream, it doesn’t have the usual egg, cream and sugar mix, it involves 2 ingredients and no added sugar!

By now everyone has probably heard of the banana ice cream, where you blend and freeze bananas for a healthy ice cream alternative. But I decided to take it a step further by barbecuing the banana before blending and adding no sugar almond butter into the mix. If almonds aren’t you thing any nut can be used, such as cashew nuts .



No sugar almond butter


Preheat the barbecue

Make a slit through the skin on one side of each banana and then wrap in silver foil

Add to the barbecue and leave to roast, which will take about 15 minutes. The skin will go black and soften


Remove and leave to cool before peeling and blend along with some almond butter. I started with 1.5 tablespoon/ banana but it is really down to preference and the number of bananas used

Blend the mix the add to a tubaware, then freeze

Once frozen enjoy šŸ˜


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