Coconut and avocado ice cream

Yes, the title is right- avocado ice cream- and don’t knock it until you try it! If you are a fan of avocado and want more out of them than just guacamole or sliced in salads- an ice cream is a must! With the summer and the peak of avocado season ending soon, avocado and coconut ice cream is a great way to end off a good holiday season.

The rich, creamy flavour of avocado and high ‘good’ fat content can be puréed until smooth. This forms a silky consistency that doesn’t require any ice cream machine. Even better, there is no need to make the classic custard base, as all the ingredients can get blended together- it’s that simple!

Don’t worry about the avocados turning a murky brown as once complete the ice cream stays a vibrant green colour ….that will surprise any guest!

If wanting to make it completely dairy free and suitable for vegans substitute the cream for more coconut milk.


450g avocado flesh- needs to be ripe
400g coconut milk
125ml double cream
100g sugar
1tsp rum
Pinch salt
Squeeze of lime juice


Puree the avocado until smooth


Mix in all the other ingredients, then add into a container to freeze

Once frozen, get a spoon and enjoy!


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