Quito, Ecuador

The hub and capital of Ecuador is Quito. Being located in the Andes Mountains it is not surprising that it is the highest capital in the world (2,850m). But it is the first site to be declared a Wolrd Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978.

Quito is known as a historic city therefore I opted to stay in the Old Town, which is also where are the ‘too-see’ tourist hotspots are located all within walking distance. Wondering through the narrow streets and past the colonial architecture you can find everything from Plaza de la Independencia, La Cathedral and Plaza San Francisco to name a few places (even with getting lost a few times). But the highlight of mine was the Basilica del Voto Nacinal, a neo-Gothic basilica which external facade is one to enjoy. Coming on a Sunday the main area is closed to traffic, which makes in ideal opportunity to explore.

Just outside Quito is the ‘La Mitad del Mundo’ i.e. the middle of the world/equator line. It is easy to get to by public bus or pay extra and get a taxi. There are 2 ticket prices; one for the basic entrance and the second to get a chance to go up the tower. Which ever budget you have it is still great to say that you have stood on both the northern and southern hemisphere at the same time!

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