Salento, Colombia

Another stop in the coffee region, and popular for backpackers is Salento, found at the heart of the coffee region.

Here you can enjoy trips to local coffee farms, take a hike to the Valle de Cocora or have a few games of Tejo- descibed perfectly by ‘chill out, have a coffee and take a hike’!

The Valle de Cocora is about 11km from Salento (a quick Jeep ride). Here you can follow a well trodden path and across some interesting bridges (of 5-6 hours) through a thick forest of wax palm (the tallest palm trees in the world), which is Colombia national plant, as well visit the Reserva Acaime (hummingbird reserve). As the loop is a circle you can do choose to begin or end in the Cocora Valley, which I choose the later.

However in Colombia, the seasons are either wet or dry. As I have been lucky so far in the weather is was ineviatbale to get a few rainy days. Even with the early start to avoid the rainy afternoons, the clear blue skies weren’t on myside.

Tejo is apparently the Colombian sport, however when we went to play a game in ‘Los Amigos’ it defiantly felt like just for tourists. However the aim of the game is basically throw a metal stone into clay aiming for a metal ring surrounded by gunpowder triangles. Points are scored and the aim is to reach 21…simple!



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