Hacienda Venecia, Colombia

Just on the outskirts of Manizales actually located on the ‘Coffee highway’ is Hacienda Venecia. The region was declared a world heritage site by UNESO because of the coffee culture and the impressive scenery. Even the drive from Jardin to here I was able to see some spectacular views that was well worth the 3 hour ride.

Being a coffee drinker you can’t miss the fact the Colombia produces one of the best coffees in the world, so a must for me was to visit the ‘Cafeteria Zona’ and enjoy its area for a bit as well as have a few cups of good coffee on route.

Hacienda Venecia has now opened its doors to host a travellers in its guesthouse, main house or hostel all surrounded by the most amazing landscape, as well as still produce one of the best coffees in Colombia. The trick is apparently its a ‘origin coffee’ i.e. all its coffee comes from the same farm.

The beauty of visiting Hacienda Venecia was the ease of getting to the the hostel as well as the tranquility of the place once arrived. The hospitatliy of the owners were second to none, offering complete directions (in english) from the previous location.

Hacienda Venecia’s main attraction is the 3 hour coffee tours, but equally you can take a stroll around its coffee plantations and mountains to see the beauty of the coffee region and the Andino tropical forest as well as have a go at spotting the diverse range of birds. Or equally sit in one of their many hammocks and enjoy the views with a beer.

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