Minca, Colombia

From the hustle and bustle of Santa Marta, a quick and easy 45 minute drive up the windy Sierra Nevada mountains a small village called Minca. A perfect get away into a ‘cooler’ climate and quiet life. When I say small, it is really just a few hostels and restaurants dotted around (but i believe it will be fast growing!)

Staying in a eco hostel is a perfect fit for this town- just to chill in hammocks ontop of the hillside. Just a heads up that most good hostels do involve walking up steep hills before arrival!


The hostel I chose was a wifi free zone- so reading and enjoying the biodiverse scenery /wildlife (especially the sunsets) was perfect rest stop. From the hostel you could see amazing views of the area all the way to Santa Marta and the Caribbean Sea.

There are numerous local river spots and waterfalls to spend time in, if you want to keep active- or hikes! The main two being Los Pozos Azules and Marinka waterfalls- both accessible by foot (or taxi).


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