Bogota, Colombia

The capital of Colombia, Bogota is host to over 8 million people, making it the 3rd biggest city in South America.It often has a bad reputation in terms of safety, but with more police lining the streets the danger doesn’t seem a problem in the tourist areas.

Bogota has a lot to offer, if given a chance. The colonial style architecture that spread through the bohemian area of La Candelaria (where most tourist stay) as well as the numerous museums (Bogota Museo de Oro or Museo Botero) and 17th-18th Century Cathedrals. If lucky enough to visit on a Sunday, most museums are free to enter, but watch for the cue.

Most of Bogota attractions are around the Plaza de Bolivar. So i was advised to stay within the area not heading to far South, if you don’t want to get into trouble!

From the moment you walk through the city the graffiti is notable. Street walls are covered with bright and colourful murals which are eye catching and brings a light to a city known for its bad weather.

Located 3,200m lies the unmissable Monserrate. The white monastery can be reached by cable car or metro cable, where you can see an amazing untouched panoramic view of Bogota and the Eastern range of the Colombian Andes. The is apparently a 1500 step hike up as well, however it was closed at the moment due to to many tourist.

Both Flea and local markets are found just a short walk away from the tourist centre.



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