Peruvian food

Peru is hitting most of the top spots when coming to food in South America. With Lima hosting some of the top 50 restaurants in the world, when travelling Peru you know you wouldn’t be going hungry!

Each region of Peru has their own unique food and specialities, from Cuy (Guinea Pig) in Cusco to ceviche in Lima. In major cities you can see the influence of chinese immigration with ‘chifa’ opening up- basically chinese takeaways!

The best meals I tasted was often the local street food, where a 2 course meal will cost as little as $2. But standout meal for me was in the Amazon when barbecuing the self caught Sting Ray or on the Lares Treck when the chef produced the most increible buffet meals.

Must try’s

1.Ceviche- try in near the coast for the freshest flavour, and also at lunch time. True ceviche restaurants will close after lunch.
The classic ceviche is cured with lime and served with roasted corn, red onion and sweet potato.


2. Anticuchos- meat skewer often marinated with garlic, chilli and spices then barbecued on the street to give a delicious smokey taste. Quick and easy bite! But check the meat before as it could be beef heart!

3. Causa Rellena- though I didn’t try this I saw it being sold and enjoyed by locals. Similar to an 80s terrine with layers of mash potato with often leftovers i.e. chicken or egg….


4. Lomo Saltado- I tried this a few times, when doing trecks in Peru as it is a perfect carb filled meal. A mix of asian meets Peru, where beef, tomatoes, peppers, potato and onions are stirred with soy sauce and/ or oyster sauce and served with rice!


5. Rocoto Rellena- a stuffed pepper,filled with spice, ground meats and vegetables topped with cheese!

6. Alpaca- you see them everywhere roaming the street, so you can’t avoid either eating them or wearing them (as a jumper or scarf).

7.Cuy- often served whole as a treat on special occasions, cuy is Peru’s answer to rabbit. Cuy al horno- baked in the oven.


8. Pototoes and quinoa- both a grown in abundance in Peru, so can’t be avoided, and served with every meal! Quinoa is often served in a soup before most meals.


9. Corn- it is seen barbecued on every street corner- and often served as the dish Choclo con Queso….ie boiled corn with sliced local cheese.


10. Some one with a sweet tooth with enjoy the alfajor- a biscuit filled with dulce de leche, Turron de Dona Pepa- a anised cake topped with caramel and sprinkles or Picarones- a crispy donut served often on the streets similar to churros.

11. For drinks don’t forget to try Pisco Sours, Inca Kola, Coca tea or Chicha (a fermented corn drink)



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