Puno, Moho and Chucutio, Peru

From Arequipa a short bus ride (in terms of travelling South America) of 6 hours takes you to the South East of Peru to a place called Juliaca, known for its illegal import and export of goods from Bolivia. Many tourist arrive and take a bus quite rapidly out to the nearby major town of Puno.

However, I decided to take a detour and avoid the usual tourist route to the Northern part of Lake Titicaca, to a very remote place called Moho and Capachica. With only 1 hotel in the area and being the only tourist the locals have seen in a while it was really amazing to see Lake Titicaca from the opposite and view its true beauty.

Puno is often not liked by tourists and used as a stop to Lake Titicaca or beyond to Bolivia. But for me the historic folk feel and colonial architecture of the area was a real charm. Areas of Puno are geared to tourists, with the street Jiron Lima packed with bars and restaurants.

Given a bit of time in Puno I suggest exploring the surrounding area of Chucutio, where I was fortunate enough to be able to see one of the numerous festival featuring traditional music, dancing and costumes!

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