Amazon River and Iquitos, Peru

The Amazon Basin covers many countries in South America with most points unaccessible to people, especially by road. Which for this reason allows it to be one of the best protected and biodiverse areas full of indigenous wildlife.

However due to modern pressures the once untouched jungle is getting destroyed by deforestation and tourism. For this reason I spent a long time find the right tour to be part of. Curuhuinsi Lodge is a perfect eco lodge, and not one to forget easily. Its located about 1 hour drive and 2 hours upstream from any major settlement (Iquitos- which is only accessible by plane!).


The edge of Iquitos

The activites they offer is really dependent on the rain, as this impacts the river and accessibility upstream. Whilst I was there is was able to do some day and night jungle hikes to see some incredible wildlife (Tarantulas, Scorpions, Boas, Bull frogs, Sloths, monkeys, hawks….) , fish for piranhas as well as the chance catch a sting ray, swim with some river dolphins in the Amazon river and do a 13 hour boat trip to visit some off the beaten parts of the Amazon.

Staying at this family run lodge for 4 days of serenity was really worth every mosquito bite I know have!!!!

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