Lima, Peru

After over 32 hours of flying from the UK, the airport in Lima was a good welcome site! Even though Lima is seen as a stop over site for many travellers, I have ended up staying a few extra days due to organised tours and flights.

So with a lot of time in Lima I was able to explore what the capital of Peru had to offer. I must admit arriving in the morning, the drive to the hostel wasn’t a ‘WOW’ moment, with a grey fog covering most of the sky line and the streets being packed with traffic and poorly built..that natural enchantment of Lima was hard to find!
Arriving in the tourist, seaside area of Milaflores the area is littered with fast food restaurants and shopping malls on every street. The more cultural side can be found at the historic centre of Lima (which I only saw from the taxi window).

I spent most of my time enjoying the in Kennedy Park and the Pacific ocean views from the walkways at the edge of the coast. It apparently covers 6 miles, which I probably only walked about 1 mile in total visiting the ‘El Parque del Amor’ and the site of hang gliding.

Further down the coast is more of an bohemian area of Baracona. Where artists, musicians and photographers live- and a great day trip to enjoy the area.

No one, especially food lovers can miss the variety of delicious food Lima has to offer. A mix of classical peruvian dishes to fine dining french classics can all be found in the area. Being on the coast I couldn’t avoid the amazing seafood that Lima had, especially served a the classic Ceviche.But for the more adventurous a temtping beef heart skewer can be enjoyed!

lima-10Night life in Miraflores can’t be avoided. Even when trying to get an early night the noise of music can be heard at every corner into the early hours of the morning. Not heading to Pisco on the Coast, I had to try my first taste of the famous cocktail Pisco Sour; a blend of egg white, Pisco (which is a grape brandy), lime juice and sugar syrup…..a drink that i will probably just drink in Peru!

So from rather low expectations, Lima has impressed me. Lima has lots more to offer (if wanted and not jet lagged!) such as the historic centre (Lima Centro) which is bursting with baroque cathedrals and museums.

But without the good food in the area I would consider this no more than a typical large city on a travelling route.


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