Apple and raisin porridge

At the moment I am working for a family that has porridge every morning. But with young children eating a bowl of porridge early in the morning before school is never  appetising!! 

So everyday I try a nice variation on flavour, often depending on what’s in the cupboard or any fruit that’s looking a bit past its best! 

This week I tried Apple, cinnamon and raisin porridge which defiantly passed the children’s taste test- a good sign it was a hit!   

Ingredients /person

60g oatmeal

25g raisins 

75ml good quality Apple juice 

170ml water (may need more if it too thick)

Pinch of salt

Honey or soft light brown sugar

Ground cinnamon 


The day before mix the first 4 ingredients in a saucepan and leave over night in the fridge 

The next morning add the pinch of salt and add to the heat and bring to gently simmer to warm and thicken. 

Finish with honey or sugar and cinnamon. 


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