Oamaru, New Zealand

The town of Oamaru attracts tourist for one or two things. Originally Oamaru was a major harbour and regularly used for business, but nowadays the main attraction is the yellow eyed or little blue penguins (the worlds smallest penguins). Wild penguins wonder through the docks at night during the months of September to February. They can be easily spotted crossing the road, but difficult to take a good photo as flash photography isn’t good for their eyes.

Oamaru has an impressive high street architecture as well as it’s quirky traditions, based on its Victorian precedent, such as the annual penny farthing race in November. Visiting this town is like stepping back in time!


About half an hour South of Oamaru there is the world famous Moeraki Boulders. These are basically unusually large, spherical boulders that have become exposed due to coastal erosion. There are found in a small cluster along this coastal stretch with some weighing a couple of tonnes!


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