Dunedin and Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

Dunedin is one of South Islands largest cities and home to the oldest university in New Zealand (Otago University), a large harbour and an abundance of Victorian and Edwardian architecture. With its name meaning Edinburgh it isn’t a surprise that the city has a slight Scottish influence, enough for any Brit to feel at home!

The Octagon is the heart of the city, which is lined with cafés, restaurants, souvenir shops and Cathedrals. But the interconnected streets are still host to many pubs and microbreweries which are favoured by the students!

For the young at heart there is also Cadburys World, which offers tours through its factory. But remember to book in advance as the tours become busy. Also not to forget is the stunning railway station, interactive Otago and toitu museums and the worlds steepest street (Baldwin Street) which are also worth visiting.








Otago Peninsula is a highlight for any wildlife fan visiting Dunedin. Driving no more than an hour South from the centre of Dunedin (64km) you can come across seals, sea lions, yellow eyed penguins and albatrosses. To have the chance of seeing all this wildlife, 30 min to 1 1/2 hour Eco tours are offered daily for visitors which helps fund the management and preservation of the area.

Halfway to the end of the Peninsula at Taiaro Head you can visit New Zealand’s only castle; Larnach Castle. Which has become more famous due to its gardens being international significance.





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