Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers, New Zealand

As you head South the wine regions of the North turn into snow capped mountains perfect for skiing in the winter. But don’t be turned off if visiting New Zealand in the summer months as glaciers cover some of the mountains we are accessible to tourists. This is one of the must things to visit in New Zealand if you have never seen snow in the summer before!

The main two glaciers are called the Franz Josef and Fox, which maybe rapidly retreating but are still worth a visit. You can take guided walks or helicopter rides to the glacier (for a small fee)! The treks can take 4-5 hours to complete with the chance to actually walk through the glacier crevasses. But as we both previously experience this, we opted for the free alternative which involved parking in the nearby car park and walking to the base (which took no more than an hour in total).

The towns of Franz Josef and Fox are built around tourism, with restaurants, hostels and tourist shops taking up most of the street. The only downfall of the area is the endless buzzing in the sky from the helicopters, but you soon get use to that.



Franz Josef glacier

Fox glacier

On route between the 2 glaciers you pass Lake Mattheson, which has become famous for its incredible reflection of Mount Cook in its water. Unfortunately it rained for most of the day resulting in no amazing views,but still there is a short walk around the lake which is nice to do.


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