Golden bay and Farewell spit, New Zealand

The North Eastern coastline of South Island is a hidden spot only accessible by one (very windy) road ( route 61)around the mountain called Takaka Hill. The bay, also known as Golden Bay, runs around the coast near two National Parks ending at New Zealand’s longest spit, Farewell Spit. Golden a Bay, a route not a frequently taken by a landscape of unspoilt coast on one side and Kahurangi National Park on the other.

At 35km long and 20m high, Farewell Spit can’t really be missed. To get a whole view of the spit,you can stay at nearby towns such as Collingwood(where we stayed) or if that isn’t enough you can take a day Eco tour out to the spit from here. Farewell spit is a wetland and bird sanctuary and of apparent international importance. If luckily planning a trip in Spring you could see the arrival of the migratory birds from the Northern hemisphere to Takaka Hill.






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