Abel Tasman National Park and Wainui Falls walk

Abel Tasman might be the smaller national park in New Zealand, but it is the most visitied, especially for its hiking trails and coastline for kayaking.

Driving around the edge of Abel Tasman National Park you pass one of the most eye opening and mountainous scenery. From the start the views seem endless, at Takaka Hill where you can see the view over Tasman Bay and in the distance Nelson, to the areas where The Lord of the Rings were filmed as well as the sheltered golden beaches of Pohara. And not to forget it pass through New Zealand’s only hop growing area!

Once in Abel Tasman, there are numerous ‘great walks’ to have a go at in Abel Tasman National Park which involve camping and daily 4-5 hour clearly signed treks covering 52km. But for those that like shorter strolls a great choice is to Wainui Fall. This takes about 1 hour from your car and return with very little effort, excepting getting over a swinging bridge (I did it…it’s not hard!)




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