Marlborough Sounds and the French Pass, New Zealand

The Marlborough Sounds are made up of a maze of coves and bays covering the North East point of South Island. The Marlborough Sounds can be enjoyed either on the water by kayaking or on a boat or by land through the numerous trails along the coast. Whole routes can take 5 or so days with campsites ready for walkers to rest for the day.

To reach The French Pass its takes about 1hr and half drive along gravel covered or dusty roads up in the hills. For a majority of the route you will pass very few cars and get greeted only by cows and sheep that roam the hills (but get easily scared when the car comes near).

The one and only campsite at the French Pass looks out to Admiralty Bay and if you enjoy a bit of fishing it is a great spot for having a go, however quotas restrict the amount of fish being caught! With the main aim for the day to sit and admire the views of the Tasman Sea all afternoon in the sun we were able to watch the sting rays and the odd shark come and swim in the bay, meters away from our camper.







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