Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch is New Zealand’s second largest city and the most well known in New Zealand’s South Island. The city and the surrounding areas spread from the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the mountains used for skiing in the winter months.

The heart of Christchurch is full of parks, in particular the Botanic Gardens which is located nearby the main hostels, as well as the meandering Avon River. This explains why it is often referred to as ‘The Garden City’.





Since the major earthquake in Christchurch a couple of years ago, there is a lot of redevelopment and building works so there is a limited number of tourist attractions in Christchurch. It is often described as having a slight empty and eerie feel with many travellers staying only 1-2 nights. But if you have time, the top things to do is to visit The Antarctic museum or have a trip on the Gondola to see the views of Christchurch. Both are found just on the outskirts of the main hub of the city by the airport.




However with only a day or two try and time it with a weekend visit, where Cathedral square (found in the center of town) becomes a lively hub for local markets ( Re:START) and food trucks. Stalls are located in shipping containers making it slightly unusual from the norm.



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