White chocolate and coconut truffles

Over the summer I made strawberry and white chocolate truffles for an after dinner party treat. Since then I had forgotten how easy they were to make…but I think I have found a recipe which takes the phase “easy recipe” to another level! With just 3 ingredients, what could possibly go wrong?!

If just for adults try adding a shot or two of rum with the condensed milk to make a piña colada flavour!


500 +250 g white chocolate
390g (1 tin) condensed milk
Desiccated coconut

Melt 500g white chocolate
Mix in the condensed milk until it has all come together
Set aside until become solid
Using a spoon or melon scoop make small round balls and place on a tray lined with greaseproof paper

Using the rest of the chocolate, melt it down in a bowl
In a separate bowl, pour the desiccated coconut
Now in a conveyor like motion, using a fork or tooth picks, dip each truffle ball in the melted white chocolate, then roll in the desiccated coconut and set aside



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