Pulau Weh, Sumatra

Just off the Northern tip of Sumatra is the island of Pulau Weh, known for its snorkelling, diving and peaceful living. The island is covered with perfect tarmac roads that twists their way around the jungle covered hills, passing endless ‘free range cows and goats’.

On the northeastern point of Pulau Weh is Sabang, the main town on the island, an area to buy ‘souvenirs’, go to the bank and try some food from warungs. The nearest beach is about 15minute drive to Pantai Sumur Tiga, where you can relax away from the crowds under palm trees or swim in the warm Indian Ocean.

To the west you can reach the tourist beaches of Iboh and Gapang, but with the lack of beach this is only for people who want to spend time diving in the crystal clears waters to see the marine life and coral. Further to the west you can continue to 0km point, which is the most northern part of Indonesia. Scooters are really a must to explore the whole island! Whilst we were there, a lot of rainfall caused landslides to block off some roads, but within 24hours it was clear and ready to drive again.

Major tourism isn’t big in Pulau Weh, except the handful of dive schools, foreign tourists are few, with mainly locals visiting for weekends. Accommodation and restaurants are basic, but adequate enough to lie around and enjoy the time there.




To get to Pulau Weh there are 2 main ferry, each going 2 a day (unless poor weather). The slow ferry takes about an hour and a half, ands filled with both people and cars and cost about £1. The fast speed ferry takes only 45 minutes, but on a choppy sea this feels like a lifetime! The price of this ferry is more at about £4.50, but if time is a push it is worth it.




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