Lake Toba, Sumatra

4 hours away from Medan through the windy roads of Sumatra’s mountains you can find the village of Parapat. This area is the stopping point for the ferry across the largest lake in SE Asia to an island called Samosir Island. Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world. It not only sits in a crater of a super volcano it has an island in the centre (Samosir Island), which is the size of Singapore. The volcano itself is known for the biggest recorded eruption on earth.

You can’t but help yourself but stare at the 360o views surrounding yourself. You find yourself surrounded by green mountain and hills and on a sunny day the water from the lake is so blue that it can seem unreal.

To properly explore the island a scooter is a must, as you will have a bet chance of finding new corners and what seem unexplored areas of the island. Bicycles are possible to rent but with the hills and roads around the village of Tuk Tuk ( the main village in Samosir) I can’t see any desire!

On the single road running around the Island, you pass numerous churches and batek designed homes, some in use and others abonded- this place would be perfect to spend christmas if wanting to stay in Indonesia or just a simple lazy week or two.










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