Medan, Sumatra

Medan is Indonesia 3 rd largest city, and definitely the biggest on the Island of Sumatra. Many people view Medan as dirty, unpleasant and notorious for pick pickpockets. With this view this city doesn’t really have much to live up to.

There are 3 ways to get from Medan’s new airport into the centre; damri bus (government run bus going every hour or so), train (last one leaving at 9.30pm) or a taxi. Being a good 30-40km from town the cheapest option is the bus. But with many domestic flights arriving late at night and no real bus timetable the easiest option is by taxi….just make sure you choose a blue bird taxi to ensure the rate is fair!

Medan isn’t a tourist town, there are a few palaces, mosques and museums doted around the city but most people use Medan as a stop over point to get further afield. There are 2 main bus stations on the outskirts that take you to Banda Aceh, Berastagi and Bukit Lawang (to name a few!).




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