Java street food

Java street food is simple and quick. It can be brought from stalls on streets or from warungs ( street restaurants)-the later often offering more choice. In warungs they have precooked food set in the window, and a simple reheat on the grill allows the food to be hot and ready to eat.

The food served in a city of Java reflect the culture, tradition and people of the area. Travelling from South to North of Java you can see the change depending on the location and the ability to grow food; from Pangandaran having fresh fish to Yogyakarta at its jackfruit.

A few terms that are good to know

Nasi /rice
Nasi uduk /rice cooked with coconut milk
Mie /noodle
Ayam/ chicken
Ikan /fish
buring / pigeon
puyah /egg
betawi/ beef
lalap /raw vegetables

Lumpia /spring roll
Bubur ayam /chicken porridge
Leker /thin crisp pancake
Bakso /broth with noodle, meatballs and fresh herbs
Sio May /dim sum
Gudeg/ rice cooked in coconut milk with jack fruit curry famous in Central Java especially Yogyakarta
soto/ soup made with coconut milk
sate / skewers of meat ins sweet soy sauce
kuning/ turmeric marinade
sambal /a chilli sauce condiment
pecel /peanut sauce

Goreng /deep fried
bakar/ grilled

Kopi /coffee
teh/ tea
Es/ iced drink










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