Mui Ne, Vietnam

Postcards of Mui Ne can sum up this area: beach, kite surfing and fishing.
You can’t get lost in Mui Ne as all the resorts, shops and restaurant follow the main road less than 100 m away from the beach….it is essential a strip following the coast of Vietnam.

In terms of location it is a rather isolated stretch, with the nearest town about 23km away, but due to the high winds on the coast it can offer one of the best chances to learn how to kite surf.






Just North of the main area is the ‘red’ and white sand dunes. Tours to the dunes occur at sunrise or sunset, unless renting your own scooter and getting there any time of day. We decided to see the sunrise at the dunes, which meant leaving at 4.30 am!

At the white dunes locals try to rent you quad bikes for 20 minutes. But we were warned that most of the bikes don’t really have the power to get up the sand, so you would spend more time stuck asking for help than driving.

The red dunes are nearer to coast, so appear more touristy in terms of sellers and cafés nearby.







Being on the coast, this area has been built up around seafood and fishing, with its most famous export being fish sauce. On organised dune tours you can visit the nearby fishing village, which is perfect in the morning when the local boats are coming in. Fresh seafood come from the boats in bucketfuls, especially squid, snails (oc) and crab.




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