Canyoning in Dalat, Vietnam

Adrenaline sports aren’t really on top of my list of ‘must do’ when travelling. But being in Dalat it is hard not to be persuaded to have a go at one type of outdoor activity. Initially I wanted to just go to Dalanta Falls, a small waterfall park which had a fun looking bobsled ride which looked like it would go at a snails pace. But that idea soon went out the window when I signed up for a day of abseiling down waterfalls, trekking and water slides, also known as canyoning.

There are many tour operators in Dalat, offering you similar experiences but with a range of price tags. We noticed that all the companies come to the same area so it is really down to personal preference at the end of the day. We choose a relatively new agency – Highland Holiday Tours-which offered a great deal.

Small groups are a must, or you will be hanging around for a while between each go. Also good shoes that you don’t mind getting soaked, however I was offered a pair which fortunately fit me perfectly so I didn’t need to worry.







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