Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat is one of the adrenaline spots of Vietnam due to its cool spring like climate. Everything from rock climbing, trekking, mountain biking and canyoning is readily available from the numerous tour operators that dot around the town.

Due to the French dominance in Dalat from the early 1900’s there are few subtle European touches; from the ‘Eiffel tower’ shaped electricity mast to the bakeries. In the heart of Dalat is the man made Xuan Huong Lake. With it’s paved path running around the perimeter it is a frequently used by the locals as a evening running or walking route.




Nestled in the highlands of Vietnam, Dalat has an abundance of freshly grown fruit, vegetables and flowers-seen at The Central Market. At this time of year it seemed that strawberries, artichokes and persimmons were in season. For those that wanted a bit of ‘sugar coating’ all the fruit was found dried on the stalls.





One of the top attractions of Dalat is the famous Crazy House, which is literally what it says… a crazy house. The design of the house is creative and apparently caused a lot of controversy during then building phase. Nowadays the house is not only an attraction but it is possible to stay there.



Whilst in Dalat we were advised to go to The Bakery for food-at the top of the hill, it can’t really be missed. A 3 floored bakery/restaurant is the hub of the street with locals buying cakes, baked goods and sandwiches. However we were unsure about a few things they were selling….but I will let you be the judge of that!





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