Nha Trang, Vietnam

From the moment you step outside onto the streets of Nha Trang you notice that most signs are in 3 different languages; Vietnamese, English and Russian.

The high rise hotels and beach of Nha Trang are really for one main clientele Russians. With plenty of daily flights from and to Russia, Nha Trang is often described as the ‘Russian version of Brits Magaluf’.

Nevertheless Nha Trang is a ‘beach hotspot’ with an impressive 6km of sand running down the coast ( as known as the Pacific coast highway) allowing it to become a good place when wanting either ‘time to tan’ or have a go at some water sports.

There are numerous islands just off the coast of Nha Trang which are easily accessible. From the beach you can see the biggest island -Hon Tre Island -which can be visited by a ferry or the cable car. But others include Hon Tam, Hon Mieu (the favourite for snorkelling), Hon Yen ( famous for its birds’ nest), Hon Mun and Hon Lao ( monkey Island).

Being a stopover point from the 12 hour night train from Hoi An, the thought of doing more than the beach didn’t really cross my mind. But when staying longer, just 1 km or so from the centre you can visit the Cham Towers ( temple), Long Son Pagoda, National oceanographic museum or even better Vinpearl Land ( a basic and dated Disneyland).








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