Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is an easy going riverside town, which plays on its old school style to attract tourists. Tourism has helped to preserve the Chinese and Japenese architecture, temples and (roughly) 800 houses of the old town, however it has also encouraged the boom in tailors and bars near the waterfront.

The oriental influence was a result of the trading port of Hoi An down the Thu Bon River. In total there are about 18 buildings (museums, assembly halls, houses and pagodas) open to visitors, with most of them being viewed from the streets for free, however to enter and have a simple tour a ticket is necessary.

Just to finish off the graceful character of Hoi An, at night the riverfront becomes alight with lanterns and candles. However when it rains it can flood the area by 1-2m!








Just outside Hoi An you can easily cycle to the beach (An Bang or Cua Dai beach) or tour the rice paddy fields and countryside of the surrounding area to Thanh Nam fishing village.


Hoi An is famous for its tailoring. Anything can be made within 24 hours ( if necessary) but slightly longer for alterations is preferable. The number of tailor shops are endless, with a few well known stores offering top notch quality for people looking for suits and ball gowns. If wanting to get something tailored make sure that you know what you want exactly, with pictures from magazines being the best option. But if you don’t know what you want they do have folders full of designs, but I found this rather daunting. In addition they can persuade you to end up with 2/3 more items than initially desired.
Prices can range from each shop, depending on material, finish as well as being ripped off, so spend time findings the shop one you want.
If wanting something tailored make sure that you discuss every bit of detail down to the thread as this will result in less alteration and disappointment at the second fitting.





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