Ride from Hue to Hoi An

To be honest the main reason we stopped at Hue is to have the opportunity to scooter from Hue to Hoi An down what is described as the ‘best coastal road in the world’. Even if you have never driven before or awful at map reading, there is a chance for anyone to see the views; either be being a passenger on a motorbike, taken by a guide or even site in a mini bus.


The main route is by Highway 1 ( Vietnam’s busiest road), but we decided to take a back route via the coast to Lang Co Beach. This coastal route took us through villages which clearly felt like ‘true’ Vietnam as the children couldn’t stop staring at us and wanted to say hi!





The next stop on the route is to ride through Lang Co Beach. We expected the nice white sand beaches, but to our realisation it was all hidden behind large hotel resorts. Never the less it was a perfect lunch stop area before heading on to the Hai Van Pass.

The Hai Van Pass is a windy hill route that passes over the Truong Son mountains. This route has been used during the wars so at the peak you can see the abounded French forts as well as the visible climate divide of the colder North and sunny South.






From the peak, it is 30km to the riverfront town of Danang and further to the destination of Hoi An. Passing the Marble mountains and China beach.

The journey with plenty of stops for photos took us from 8.30am – 4.30pm, the only time constraint is the darkness that hits at about 5.30pm. So really you can embrace the travel with very little reason to rush!





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