Street food in Vietnam

There is no problem if you have a tight budget for food in Vietnam, as whatever you want to spend there will definitely be enough options, especially for the budget end ($1-2). Food in Vietnam is full of vibrant and fresh flavours. Travelling down or up the country each region has its own speciality and local dish.

Street food can be found on every corner. Tiny plastic chairs and tables fill the streets, which are crammed with people trying to eat a bowl of noodles or rice. Most bowls of food have numerous unidentifiable things in it, so always try and aim for the popular looking spots.

On the drinks side, Vietnam is particularly famous for its coffee and Bia hoi, the later being a locally made beer costing as little as 5000d/glass (20p). We were advised to avoid Starbucks or any big coffee chain as the locals do the best coffee and at cheaper prices.IMG_6314.JPG







Pho in Hanoi, a Northern Vietnam noodle soup made from a well flavoured stock, bean sprouts, noodles, lime and fresh herbs. This is the most common street food you can find in Vietnam.



Bun Bo Hue, is Central Vietnam’s equivalent of Pho Bo, having more of a spice, pineapple and tomato base compared to the stock in traditional Pho.
Another noodle dish from Central Vietnam, in particular Hoi An, is Cau Lau which have thicker udon-like noodles, slices of pork, bean sprouts and fried croutons made from uncut noodles.

A simple favourite beef stirfry with noodles. Bun is the word used for rice noodles in Vietnam.

Banh Khoai, are crepes made from a rice flour batter and filled with mainly prawns, pork and bean sprouts. However the large amount of oil used for cooking the crepes some can have a rather oily taste.


Also in Hoi An you can find other specialities like fried wontons, which are filled with pork and tomato salsa and white roses which are steamed prawn dumpling similar to ravioli.



In Vietnam spring rolls are common starters with it being fresh, fried or wrapped in lettuce. Fresh rice paper is stuffed with herbs, noodles, meat/ prawns.




Banh Mi, this is the sandwich of all sandwiches! A baguette is classically filled with pork pate, sausage, mayonnaise, soy sauce and chilli.




Bia Hoi


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