Luang Prabang, Laos

Most visitors decided to only visit Luang Prabang when visiting Laos. Once you have arrived either by bus or plane you can see why. The quaint French influenced town has all the attractions of a big city but by being surrounded by the Mekong and Nam Khang rivers it remains small and walkable.

The heart to any South East Asian City is the markets, which Luang Prabang has. There are 2 main daily markets; the morning market which is visited daily by the locals and a few early rising tourist and the evening handicraft and food market ( which is more for the tourist). The later is full of dimly lit stalls selling everything from coffee to toy elephants and silk scarves.

In between the markets there are numerous wats and museums, however dominating the old city is the Pa Huak. This is a small wat found up on the hill called Phu Si. To reach the top you have to climb the never ending 329steps but just before sunset it is worth it. The views across the South and East of Luang Prabang and the surrounding countryside are truly breathtaking. If lucky you can grab a seat and just watch the sun go down for an hour.













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