Summary of Cambodia

The starting point of travellers in Cambodia is so varied due to the overland access from Vietnam, Laos or Thailand or flying in to one of the many airports. Travelling throughout Cambodia is only done by bus or private car as there is no rail network throughout the country. Bus journeys aren’t long taking about 5 or so hours at a max, with road improvements all the time this journey time is reducing.

For a party holiday with the main interest in drinking and nightlife Shinaoukville should be on your list. It is really summed up by free drinks, all night bars and promotion people. You don’t need to stay long here, but it is the port to the deserted island of Koh Rong or to the rest of Cambodia.

Kampot and Kep are just a 2 hour drive across the coast of Cambodia. These two places are less known in Cambodia, but worth a visit. The riverside town with glimpses of French charm is beginning to attract foreign tourists especially with the new casino development in Bokor National Park. The seaside town of Kep is known for its crab market caught daily and sold almost immediately to restaurants or locals.

The capital of Phnom Penh is just like any other capital city; full of wealth. Development is ten times more than anywhere else in Cambodia with mega shopping malls, large markets, developed road network and numerous restaurants and hotels (including raffles!). Even with this there are 2 main historical and cultural sites to see…the killing fields and S21.

The next biggest city in Cambodia is Siem Rep, often peoples preferred place. Siem rep is the location of one of the wonders of the world temples of Angkor Wat, also seen in Tomb Raider movie as well as the floating villages of Tonle Sap.

Along the Tonle Sap and one of its numerous northern tributaries is Battanbang. Not big on the tourist route yet, but it has a lot to offer from the bamboo train, circus and evening bat flight.IMG_5886.JPG









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