Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

On the outskirts of Siem Rep is Angkor, which is described as ‘heaven on earth’. Numerous temples and religious buildings cover the region and nowadays used as a pilgrimage for Cambodians.

No one travelling to Siem Rep should pass through and not visit Temples of Angkor. It is one of the world’s foremost ancient site, and should be seen ideally either at sunrise or sunset. Yes that may mean getting up at 5.00am, but if you get a good day it is incredible.IMG_6128-0.JPG




There are 2 main routes to travel around the temples, but the routes can get busy as everyone moves in a similar rate. For us and what I think is the best option is to rent a tuk tuk with driver for the day, so you are able to go at and speed. Alternatively you can ride a bike, minibus or walk- but the area is vast so probably not the best option.

The history of Angkor Wat dates back to 9th Century, so very complicated to completely understand in a paragraph. But over the years kings have built, changed and lived in the temples making it a political, religious and social centre of Cambodia.

There are 3 main temples which people know about: Angkor Wat ( the temple of Cambodia’s flag), Bayon ( the temple with many faces- 216 to be exact) and Ta Prohm (seen in the movie of Tomb Raider). But further afield there are more temples which are often less busy, but worth a visit.











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