Boat from Battambang to Siem Reap

There are 2 routes when travelling from Battambang to Siem Rep; via road or river. When spending so much time on the buses, the boat is definitely the preferred option. However this did gone with a price tag- but worth every dollar to see the real Cambodia!

The journey started with a misty early morning start at 7 am to the small 20 person boat. The boat was all loaded with people, packages for the locals and bags then right of time the boat took off down one of the tributaries to the Tonle Sap lake and then Siem Reap.

The boat for us took about 6 hours-which was average for this time of year, but it could take from 4 to 12 hours! On route we passed incredible scenery, numerous fishing boats, river side villages and floating villages all of which had the locals come out and wave to us as well as collect their post as we passed.

We were told that the engine was really noisy, but it didn’t seem too bad for our ears. But take a cushion with you to sit on, as after a couple of hours the plastic seats do start to get uncomfotable.











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