The Killing Fields and S21, Phnom Penh

The history of Cambodia is often unknown to many, but if you ever want to visit this country and get the real understanding it is a must to read. The real change in Cambodia only happen from 1975, so not really that long ago! But the significance was another level.

From 1975 the Khmer Rouge started a revolution which ended up killing over 3 million Cambodians in only 4 years and to this day has left a real eerie feel.

In the heart of Phnom Penh you can find S21, also known as Security Prison 21 or Tuol Sleng museum. The building as originally a high school, which turned into a torture prison for about 17,000 people.

At S21 you can see the cells which the victims had to stay in, the weapons which they used to beat people and photos of each victim, some of which were so ill that they couldn’t even sit up!






Further afield, about 30 minutes out of town is the Killing Fields. One of many found around Cambodia, but it is now changed into a tourist attraction so is maintain.

Here children, men and women came from S21 and then ‘bludgeoned’ to death. The audio set which was given, said that the bullets for guns were too expensive to use, so they ended up using any form of instrument to kill the people.

Mass graves can be seen throughout the Killing Fields, and apparently in the rainy season bones and rags of clothes can still be found today appearing on the surface.

The main feature of the Killing Fields is the Memorial Stupa which was built in 1988 to house the skulls of the 8000 people found. Some of the skulls are so destroyed due to the axes and hammers which we used to kill them.

These sites might be one of the most depressing things to see, but it is worth the visit.








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