Kep beach and crab market, Cambodia

When ever abroad, the beach is something to keep an eye out for! The nearest beach to Kampot is about 30km to a place called Kep. I read that what “Crab is to Kep, Angkor Wat is to Siem Reap”, and it’s so true.

You can’t go to Kep without visiting the crab market, where endless fresh seafood, in particular crab, can be brought fresh- alive or cooked! A nice change from noodles and rice which is eaten all over Thailand and Cambodia. Follow the locals to see where the best place to choose the fresh food.

The are seafood restaurants that line Kep beach, but why pay three times the price for food that is so easily available from these stalls. And I promise that you wouldn’t get tap dodgy stomach afterwards! However you aren’t able to order the classic dish of stir fried crab with Kampot pepper from the stalls.

Except for the market there isn’t much to do in Kep, except lie on the beach. So unless travelling from there, Kep makes a good day trip from Kampot. Especially now as the road has been redone about 3 months ago. This is now helping Kep become a chic weekend retreat or holiday destination.IMG_5871.JPGIMG_5926.JPG






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