Kampot and the Bokor mountain, Cambodia

When a tour guide describes an area as ‘ an area where gods practised after making heaven ‘ you know you are going to a real treat of a place! Kampot is about 2 hour drive from Sihanoukville on a rather decent road, so compared to other journeys it was pain free!

Kampot is an old school French colonial style, keeping its charm compared to most tourist areas. This helps bring the locals to visit on the weekends, making a nice hub to visit.

Kampot is known for its pepper, salt and durian fruit, all regularly sold in stalls and at the market. If not continually travelling it definitely worth picking up a small bag for about $1.

The main feature of Kampot, which you can’t miss- is it’s tranquil river running through the centre. Boat tours can be taken at sunrise or sunset. But this really depends on the weather as heavy rain can cause it to flood! If boats aren’t your thing, you can stroll down the front, which becomes really busy in the evening with locals chilling on the banks of the river, power walking or even playing badminton.

Just on the outskirts on Kampot village the Bokor mountain, or Bokor National Park can be found. Either traveling by scooter or tuk tuk it is a must to see.

Bokor mountain is actually still an active volcano, and apparently in the dry season you can seek smoke rising from it!

The roads to the top are endless, travelling around and around the mountain until you reach the peak. You pass all types of vegetation, which changes at altitude, with the tallest trees being 15m tall!

At the top, you get greeted with ruins of the French built resort ( containing a hotel and casino) and the Khmer re- vamp of the area. You can keep travelling a further 10-15 km to visit a waterfall, but that is a long drive, especially when the risk of rain is prominent!

If travelling by yourself, pack a jumper as the temperature does drop and the winds pick up.IMG_5877-0.JPG








3 thoughts on “Kampot and the Bokor mountain, Cambodia

  1. Amazing Ginny.

    Did you take a tuk tuk or a scooter to the summit?

    Keep it going. We are loving it.

    Alex has come back for the weekend for his belated birthday and Charles is back for a day. We will probably go in to Town today to go shopping.

    Lots of Love



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