Sihanoukville, Cambodia

When coming from Thailand, the first stop inCambodia is often Sihanoukville. The small resort has become known for its nightlife and parties mainly for backpackers. There isn’t much else to do outside the bars ( in particular JJs or dolphin) except to lie on the beach, pop over to the surrounding islands or learn to dive.

Spending 2 nights and 1 whole day in this resort, was enough for me! Life involves drinking in the night once the sun has set, with the real party beginning at about midnight. Drinks are cheap here, as well as the chance of a few free drinks by promoters offering leaflets to you all day.  During the day take advantage of the beach massages, pedicures or manicures which are continually offered by the locals (tough life)! But when it rains, as it often does in Cambodia, there really isn’t much to do!

The only ‘cultural’ site in Sihanoukville! The Golden Lion








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