Bus journey from Koh Chang, Thailand to Sihanoukville, Cambodia

It is quite easy to waste away the days on Koh Chang when the sun is out, however after a night and day of rain resulting in watching endless movies and reading books it was time to leave.

The plan was to get to the borer of Thailand and Cambodia and then take a day of rest….but plans in South East Asia never are straight forward!

Booking a mini van to take you the whole way is the easiest option when choosing this route and get across the border- which is what we did. Taking the ferry and driving to Trat, then down South.

At first we were told it would take 4 and half hours to the border, but when we reached the first half way mark after 3 and half hours of driving we realised that timing was just a number and not reality!

We did arrive at the border, which fortunately with our E visas was quick, simple and pain free, officially arriving in Cambodia (Hat Lek) at 1 pm ( 6 hours after leaving).

Spending half the day travelling in a bus, we thought it was the best option not to hang around in a ‘border town’ and carry on to the beach town of Sihanoukville.

You could have paid for the mini van from Koh Chang all the way, but as we decided this last minute to head off, we hoped on the government bus ( probably being over charged ten times over!). But we were off on the apparent 3 hour journey!

The hours seemed to pass watching the Cambodian scenery of rice paddy fields, small huts and ox’s and before long it had turned dark.

The route wasn’t direct so changing bus was necessary. The bus driver dropped us off at what seemed to be a popular bus stop serving hot homemade dinner, which was rather nice compared to the biscuits and crisps we had been eating all day!

An hour later we got onto the final bus to Sihanoukville to arrive just before midnight, perfect timing to find a guesthouse and head to bed!

One thing we did learn from this trip…always bring a jumper and trousers with you on travelling days- as a/c buses are freezing! IMG_5841.JPG

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