Summary of Northern Thailand

Bangkok is often the first stop in Thailand. With so many things to see and do you can easy spend 2-3 days in the city, exploring wats, shopping and trying the street food.

From Bangkok most people travel South to the Thai Islands or to the North. Thai trains are easy to book and hassle free with most employers able to speak/understand English. The overnight train is an experience and a must to do. The most common route is from Bangkok at night and arriving in Chiang Mai at the early hours of the morning.

Chiang Mai is and feels a lot small than the crazy Bangkok streets- it is more manageable and less daunting. Just like Bangkok there are numerous wats and outdoor markets visit, but most people have a go at cookery schools, treks, elephant conservation or zip lining.

Around Chiang Mai is the hippie town of Pai, Chiang Rai and boutique hotels hidden in the rainforest. Pai is accessed by a short (3hr) bus journey from Chiang Mai, which is often door to door service. Pai is the perfect laid back place that doesn’t require anything more than a good book and a hammock.

Still considered part of Northern Thailand is the island of Koh Chang, found on the border of Cambodia and Thailand. It is a hidden gem in terms of Islands and a perfect port to Cambodia. Koh Chang caters for everyone from the luxury holidays to the backpack budgets all wanting one thing in common….a good beach!









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