Treehouse living, Northern Thailand

I am not one to review accommodation on travels, as it is really down to personal preference, budget etc. But we decided to leave Chiang Mai for a change of scenery and feel to visit a remote treehouse in the depths of the forest about 1 hour and half away.

Driving down the remote roads in the Si Lanna National Park, passing very little more than rice fields and other farming plots we eventually end up in a small clearing with tree houses dotted around a small river.

We could chooses from a handful of houses each with a unique name, size and style. They ranged from 2 sleepers to a family size, as well as various heights from, by the river to some being very high ( proper treehouses)! One being so high up I did get rather scared when checking out the view.

Rental bikes are free and in plenty of supply to ride to the waterfall or local area to see the scenery- which is nice idea especially when the last week has been spent looking at one too many brick buildings and tuk tuks! 20140924-175923-64763167.jpg











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