Chaing Mai Thai farm cooking school

For me the must do activity in Thailand or anywhere in South East Asia is a cookery school. With Chiang Mai being a top foodie destination a class here had to be done.

We choose Chiang Mai Thai farm cooking school which was located just outside the city in the surrounding rural farmland.


Before we left we had a quick visit into the local market and was shown around a couple of stalls, highlighting and explaining a bit about the staple asian ingredients ( palm sugar, fish sauce, coconut milk, soy sauce, herbs, oyster sauce, rice and noodles). We were even shown how the make coconut milk from scratch!




After this we were driven to the cookery school/farm. Where all the ingredients we needed- but the meats – were grown (organically- of course) in perfectly maintained vegetable patches. The surrounding area was so tranquil it seemed a world away from the Chiang Mai old city!




There was not too much of a rest before the aprons were on and the knives out ready for our first course. We were shown what to do for each dish and then it was down to us.

What was great is that everyone could choose something different to do. A choice of 3 dishes for each course! I ended up doing prawn tom yam soup, red Thai curry with chicken, pad Thai, chicken and basil stirfry, mango and sticky rice and papaya salad. As you can tell the food was endless and delicious, with most of us ending in a small food coma! Our teacher did insist to nap if we wanted too!






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