Wat Pho, Bangkok

Just across the road from the Grand Palace is Wat Pho….yes another Buddhist Temple, but slightly less tourist than Grand Palace and a quarter of the price (100B). Here is the largest reclining Buddha and collection of Buddha images in Thailand.

The reclining Buddha is 46 m long and 15m high, made from brick, plaster and finished in gold leaf. It is supposed to signify the Buddha’s death. It lies on its right hand side facing north, as this is believed to be the comfier sleeping position! On the base of the feet 108 auspicious of the Buddha are depicted, made from Mother of Pearl.
Within the building, the walls are painted with murals about the past lives of Buddha and around the side 108 bronze ‘monk balls’ can be found. These are for people to drop 108 coins into them for good luck.

Outside the Main Wi-hãhn, there are the royal chedi, which are “guarded” by stone giants. The 4 chedi represent the first 4 kings of the Chakri dynasty, built over each period of reign. For this reason each one has a unique colour and style.

Another main feature is the Phra Ubosot. A large hall (bòht) containing a Buddha statue, built during Rama 1 reign. And finally as mentioned, the ‘galleries of Buddha’.

At Wat Pho, there are a few stone figurines dotted around the grounds, from animals to humans all of which have a slight Chinese influence20140919-105356-39236457.jpg









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