Bangkok food

Thailand is known for its food, from curries (gaang), fresh fish and stir fries (pat) it has everything anyone wants. Yes there are those chain fast food restaurants and English themed restaurants serving pizza and pasta- but you should really just bypass them and head for the true flavours of Thailand.

Whilst being in Bangkok I have tried to stick to Thai dishes: papaya salad and fried chicken wings from the award winning Krua Apsorn, boat noodle soup, prawn soups, pad Thai, chicken curries, pork stir fries- all of which cost no more than 80 baht each (just over £1)!

Street food can be seen everywhere, not just in Chinatown where we had it. Everything cooked on a one stop shop, many have a little down time from about 3-5pm, but otherwise food is being cooked all day androsterone of the night! The only way to describe it is really through pictures.

Rice and noodles are definitely the staple part of most meals. Rice being particular good when having a spicy curry to calm the chilli down! A new type of noodle we tried is rice noodle-gôo-ay dēe-o- made from rice flour, hence the name! They are wide, then noodles a lot fatter than the average type you get in the UK, but are wafer thin.

We have also tried bà-mèe, a yellowish noodle sold fresh and made from wheat flour and egg. Aswell as wún-sên which is a clear noodle made from mung bean starch and water.

Fruit is also in great supply, seeing fresh mangos, pineapple, papaya, watermelon, guava, mangosteen…the list is endless and some I haven’t identified yet (even though I have tried to ask!).

Apparently there is so much regional variation in Thailand from neighbouring countries- looking forward to find what Chiang Mai (the next stop) has to offer!20140919-100404-36244102.jpg










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