Lumphini park and Siam square, Bangkok

Outside the tourist region of Bangkok is a what is described as Bangkok’s largest green zone. This is the real Bangkok, not many tourist really venture here, with high rise buildings and offices being the main focus.

A trip to Lumphini park does involve taking the subway or MRT as it is called in a great little adventure to try!

Lumphini park is named after the birth place of the Buddha in Nepal. It reminds me kind of Hyde park in London, with cycle paths, boating ponds and large area of open grass all can be found. We were told that a good time to visit is early in the morning, but sleeping beings priority when travelling we got there at mid day- which really didn’t make any difference as the park only had a few locals enjoying their lunch break and playing chess.

Two stops on the sky train and you can reach the shopping district of Bangkok. Mega malls line the road..something on the scale on Westfield in London but double in size and then having the sky train run right though it. The shops are just like anything in England; H&M, muji, Havannas …..

Just off the main area is a more of a ‘bargain shopping’ or indoor market area called MBK. Nothing has prices on so it is all a game of haggling the best price. Being tourists you know that you are going to get ripped off…I always try halving their original price ( atleast) and see what happens.20140919-102843-37723987.jpg20140919-102843-37723686.jpg



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